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July 7, 2021  
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Co-host Omar A. Ansari's brother-in-law, Aasim Syed, was just diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), which impacts the bone marrow. He has already received an initial round of intense chemotherapy and the doctors have now said a blood (stem cell) transplant is required ASAP.

We also learned that there is NOT A SINGLE MATCH in the entire registry for him right now. Unfortunately South Asians (which have the highest chance of matching with him) are overwhelmingly underrepresented in the registry.

If you can register to see if you're a match, you could save a life.
Register at:

USA:  my.bethematch.org/aasim, OR at www.aadp.org
INDIA: www.datri.org
OUTSIDE of THE USA please go to www.swabtheworld.com
If you’re above 44, register here: https://www.dkms.org/. This also works for India, Germany Poland, Chile and the UK.

Registration takes <5 minutes. You will receive an oral swab in the mail. Follow the directions then send it back in right away. If you happen to be a match with Aasim (or anyone else in need) the donation process involves just taking some of your blood and extracting the stem cells. It’s that simple to literally give the gift of life.

The key is to get college age students and younger professionals to share with their networks. They are the most connected and also a fit from an age perspective. So ask your kids, nieces, nephews, etc. to help spread the word as well.

Aasim is one of the most kind hearted, selfless, and generous people you will ever meet and he can really use our support and prayers right now so please come on through!  Thank you for your support! Please repost and share widely.

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